Are you feeling uncomfortable about your finances?  Uncertain whether there’s enough coming in, or too much going out?  Disagreeing with your partner about priorities?

Many of us were never taught how to manage our money, and we can have trouble finding our way.  MoneyMindful offers simple tools and a guiding framework to work through both the accounting and the emotions that are between you and financial well-being.  I help you organize your finances, identify and overcome barriers, and make achievable plans for the future.

  • Make a budget and stay on track
  • Create an annual spending plan to guide decision-making
  • Work through marital/partnership conflicts about money
  • Tackle your taxes
  • Deal with debt
  • Re-orient during a transition like divorce or a career-change
  • Put together a plan for retirement savings

Taking care of our finances addresses the nagging feeling of unease, and allows us to relax in all areas of life.  It improves our relationship with our partners by cleaning up unresolved issues that can sabotage us in subtle ways.  Give yourself the gift of peace of mind: engage with your money!