Home-Study Videos

If you are looking for a way to get started on your own, that would be my home-study video set.  Created to give you all the “how-to” information you need to manage your money, it has 5 modules covering all the tools that I use with my individual clients and classes, and, of course, with my own finances.

* Introduction (5 minutes)
* Budgeting and Debt Management (22 minutes)
* One-Year Plan (15 minutes)
* Retirement Planning (17 minutes)
* Bank Accounts and Money Management (15 minutes)
* Saving and Investing (20 minutes)
* Conclusion (5 minutes)

Each of the modules is a stand-alone unit, and you can watch them in any order, based on your interest (it would be good to watch the intro and conclusion, though).  This way you can get started right away on whatever you would like to address.  If you’re not sure what you’d like to address, start with the intro and conclusion – those give you some help with that.

And, I am including a bonus.  If you get through the videos and decide that you would like more help, or if you get started and run into questions, the set includes a $30 coupon towards an individual session or package to work with me on the details of your situation.

Set includes:
* 5 home-study modules, plus introduction and conclusion videos
* Budgeting & debt management sheet (printable or Excel)
* One-Year Plan sheet (printable or Excel)
* Bonus $30-off coupon towards individual session or package of sessions
* Available as DVD, on-line or “Book Club” version

The Book Club option includes on-line copies for up to four people, and two one-hour group discussions with me.  Invite your friends or your family, and bring your questions!  The discussions will be held by videoconference; you do not need any special software, and can also call in by phone if you prefer.  The $30-off coupon will be sent to the group organizer, and may be used by any one member of the group.

Individual price: $75 (+$5 for DVDs shipping outside the United States)
Book Club price: $200

Select your version:

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