Many of my clients have been kind enough to send notes or thanks for the work we have done.  Here are some of their comments.


“Thanks for your help.  This the best I’ve felt about our finances in years, maybe ever.  It feels realistic and doable.”
–Lance Weisend, teacher, Charlottesville, VA


Thank you again for working with Paul and I…you have really calmed our lives down and relieved so much worry.”
–Diane Rohrbach, nutritionist, Seattle, WA


If I had only met up with you 50 years ago!  Honestly, your tools and support have been life-changing, even at this age.  What a huge relief to finally be able to successfully save money, with a clear purpose in mind.  Thank you so much.”
–Jo Whitmer, 73, psychiatric nurse, Davis, CA


“It has been so liberating looking at money “in the face”! I appreciate your gentle and
open approach to tackling what could be overwhelming information – with lots of
emotion attached.”
Robin Walton, graphic artist, Davis, CA


During my years as a massage therapist, my main focus was on doing the sessions, and I often fell back on using magical thinking in terms of finances…  As I reopened my re-envisioned Acupressure/Reiki practice in 2012, I was perhaps overly cautious about how best to move forward.  Meeting with Linda was very helpful because she takes a positive approach and educates you on how to work successfully with budget and finances.  It’s also extremely helpful to have someone look at your finances who is not only objective but well-informed and who is incredibly comfortable with data analysis, giving you a fresh perspective on your situation. Part of her sessions also acknowledge the emotional components of money.  Lastly, and just as important:  you don’t have to be in crisis mode to find Linda’s expertise valuable.  I intend to check in with her at least once a year to be sure my business and personal finances remain healthy.”
–Jan Fiore, owner, AcuReiki Healing Arts, Davis, CA”


I really value the hour we had.  Putting a specific yearly and monthly figure on a budget for me helped enormously.  It gave me great hope.  I had been fearful of being destitute in a few years, I thought I saw a train wreck coming with no way to stop it.  Your figures showed me that I would have to budget very frugally, but that financial disaster was not at all inevitable, and that was a great comfort.”
–Cynthia Rosenblum, retired, Sedona, AZ


“Thank you for all of your help, I really feel like I am getting a handle on my financial life, which is in turn opening up my entire life.”
–Stacey White, artist, Davis, CA


“Thank you SO much for helping me with retirement planning. Your skill and clarity in teaching it are INCREDIBLE.”
Harold Goldstein, nonprofit Executive Director, Davis, CA


“Wow. This was a whole new Saturday night experience. Budgeting…..pinch me. Weird thing is, I like it. OMG!!”
Wednesday Hudson, sales professional, Calgary AB, Canada


“Thank you so much for everything: your listening, receptivity, empathy, suggestions, encouragement, check-in offer and lovely laughter. It makes change seem possible, one step at a time.”
Julie Davis, Seattle, WA


“The worksheets and framework to help guide and plan money discussions have been so helpful to me.  The money calls have given me edges, and freedom.  I sleep better at night.”
Marilyn Wile, nonprofit manager, Victoria, B.C., Canada


“I highly recommend Linda as a money coach. She showed me how to gain control over my spending and saving habits which allowed me to see the long term big picture and helped me to understand and plan for a financially secure future. Her approach is direct, easily understood and beneficial for anyone wanting to set an edge around money issues.”
Greg Wile, sales professional, British Columbia, Canada


“I recently turned 30 and am finishing my doctorate. Linda gave me the tools and support to figure out where the money is going, how to create a budget, what kind of salary to aim for based on my expenditures, and calculate how many months of savings I can live on after completing my schooling; adulthood here I come!”
K. Randolph, graduate student, Melbourne, Australia


“Linda’s financial advisement has helped me tremendously in building a foundation and backbone for my business and my life.  The results have been quite unbelievable.  Before we started, I was unable to pay rent on time and refused to look at my debt.  She showed me how to create stability in my personal business which resulted in doubling my income.  I was immediately able to start paying off debt I had left from years ago.  She explained that even if you disregard your debt, it still adds to your internal stress, and that was one of the biggest benefits…. Her work also showed me how valuable it is to have an expert with you looking at the details in your life.  It gives you more energy and focus in all other areas.”
— Ian Martinez, music producer, Van Nuys, CA